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deepen your practice more than ever before
Jan19 1 Comments Fear of Enlightenment
1 Comments January 19, 2014 Banyan

Fear of Enlightenment

“Sorry, but eating non-free-range peanut butter and jelly sandwiches just doesn’t serve my personal growth.” Maybe it’s because I live in one of the most liberal counties in the...

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Nov01 0 Comments Back to Back TTs
0 Comments November 1, 2013 Banyan

Back to Back TTs

Good Morning Yogis… Just a brief shoutout from Juan Santamaria Airport to express all my gratitude for the souls I’ve spent the last two months with.  These Teacher Trainings...

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Oct02 0 Comments Prescribing Asana Questions
0 Comments October 2, 2013 Banyan

Prescribing Asana Questions

Dear Banyan- You told me that having a yoga practice that was calming versus ‘ramping up’ was better for me. What does that mean?  I have been continuing with...

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