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More often than not, Banyan is on the road. But due to increasing demand, he leads a weekly online meet-up, 52 weeks a year. Here are all the details:



Every Tuesday, 06:00 – 07:00 pm Pacific Standard Time (or enjoy recordings at your convenience)

The yoga sutras of Patanjali tell us that consistent practice (abhyasa) and non-attachment (vairagya) are the two core principles upon which the entire system of yoga rests. It is through the cultivation of these two qualities by which mastery over the field of the mind occurs, freeing us to experience life as it truly is.

Abhyasa means adopting a behavior of persistent effort to attain and maintain a state of stable tranquility. To become well established, this needs to be done for a long time, without a break. From this stance the deeper practice continues to unfold, going ever deeper towards the direct experience of the eternal core of our being.

With this consistency in mind, join Master Teacher Banyan Gallagher for live, online, weekly sessions full of philosophical discussions, led meditations, mantra/chanting, and pranayama/breathwork. Cultivate a steady, rhythmic, reliable, and consistent relationship with a highly experienced teacher of teachers, week by week, to leverage your experience of yoga deeper into a profound, experiential understanding of key yogic concepts. Ask questions live, and maintain weekly contact with your Sangha (community) of like-minded yogis on a shared path of self-discovery.

If you’re curious about what these weekly sessions with Banyan might be like,
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  • The heart and science of Tantra

  • Devotion in Motion – cultivating joy in your physical practice

  • Chakras – functions, asanas, evolution, and spirituality

  • The process of waking up

  • Myths and pitfalls of asana and “control” of the mind

  • Nadis and meridians – pathways of prana

  • Doshas – nobody’s ‘fault’ but mine

  • The Still Cup – key concepts of making meditation work for you

  • Gunas – from darkness to light and beyond

  • Vinyasa Krama – learning to prescribe an intelligent yoga practice to the individual


This immersion program will be most useful to sincere students and practitioners of Yoga, Yoga Teachers and regular students wanting to take their practice and knowledge to the next level. A minimum of 200 hours Teacher Training OR 2 years consistent yoga practice is a prerequisite, to ensure the pacing of the discussions. Contact hours may be applied to future or past teacher training programs with Banyan. All sessions will be conducted through an online meeting platform; audio can be heard via internet connection or through a toll-free telephone number. Occasional handouts will also be provided prior to some sessions. An audio and video recording will be sent to the participants for further reference and archiving.

What if I'm busy on Tuesday nights?

Participants who find it difficult to join in for the sessions live, due to scheduling conflicts or timezone differences, may still participate by listening to the recordings at a later time. Students may also email with any clarifications or questions.


$50 USD per month, ongoing. Cost includes payment and fees for sessions including recordings of each session. Payment, through Paypal, must be made prior to each month of sessions. Join at any time, and your monthly payment will recur on the same date in the following months.

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If you’re curious about what these weekly sessions with Banyan might be like,
listen to samples for free
on the Abhysasa Archive and find out!


These weekly sessions offer me a place to come together with others from all over the world to grind through our humaness. Banyan and these weekly sessions have helped me to expand to views and ideas of my own path and beyond.
- Nuala 

Banyan's Abhyasa classes make me feel connected to an ongoing practice which continues to challenge my intellect and my heart. Abhyasa is a way for me to feel connected to my teacher and to my sangha: I feel warmed by knowing that I am learning alongside yogis who are as committed and curious as I am. 
– Miranda

I took my 200-hour yoga teacher training with Banyan in Costa Rica summer 2015. He made a profound impact on my life! After leaving The 200 hour course, I signed up for Banyan Abhyasa Course! Every week he holds a live audio session that you have access to later. It is so convenient to take this wonderful knowledge on the go! The content is philosophical, inspiring, and allows you to continue to grow your teaching skills as well as your own practice! I am forever grateful to Banyan and he has inspired me more that words could ever express! 100% recommend this course to anyone who is trying to improve their selves (mind,body,soul), their practice, and their teaching skills!