A D V A N C E D   T R A I N I N G S

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Also known as "The Power of Play", this module is designed to shift the focus away from the skills of teaching and return our focus towards that which is most important: our own practice. While not every practitioner is a teacher, every teacher must be first and foremost a practitioner and student. The Art of Skillful Practice is inherently a journey inward, in which we examine ourselves: our strengths, weaknesses, biases and overall awesomeness.


  • Enlightened Action and the Bhagavad Gita
  • Selflessness and Devotion
  • Tridosha – Creating a practice and daily ritual appropriate for you
  • Mauna Yoga – the Power of Silence (This training includes a two-day silent retreat)
  • Advaita Vedanta, non-dualism and Ramana Maharishi
  • Employing the Chakra System
  • The Energetics of Prana – Life-Force Energy
  • The Art and Joy of Contemplation
  • Unraveling the Mystery of Anatomy and Form

A great challenge for making a self-practice effective is simply making it regular; ensuring that the ritual of self-care and self-love is as natural as taking a meal. Therefore this training will address the largest obstacles to regularity, and how we can make our practice not just beneficial, but also creative enough to keep us entertained.

Banyan’s background in circus and performance come through in all trainings, but especially this one. Expect a hearty dose of laughter, improvisational exercises, and AcroYoga to bring a splash of joy, pleasure, and unexpected depth into your self-practice.

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At the center of every altar lies a flame. No matter whether you’re in a church, mosque, or temple, the candle stands, wavering but patient, illuminating the space around it with its warmth of prayer.

Why is it that some yoga classes fill us with inspiration, and others are just ok? Why do we leave certain classes feeling exhausted, and others exhilarated? How can we maximize our impact on our students in the small amount of time we are together?

In this part we will focus on that which enlightens us and those around us: the flame. Known by many names: Agni, Kundalini, Shakti. Living fire is what enlightens us and wakes us up. The basics here are simple: if we understand how the fire works, we hope to use it to illuminate the lives of others: our students, our partners, and our family members.

A central theme of the Art of Enlightened Teaching is observation: recognizing the unique aspects of the being in front of you. This module endeavors to embody Krishnamacharya’s message: bring yoga to the student, rather than pushing the student towards yoga. We will resist the urge to oversimplify and practice a one-size-fits-all form, and instead see every moment we practice or teach as an opportunity to listen more closely to others and ourselves.

This teacher training program will take your practice to the next level and develop your teaching skills to more effectively communicate your passion. In this 15-day advanced training program, you will have Banyan Gallagher as your instructor. You will dive deeper into all things yoga such as:

  • Enhance your understanding of healthy alignment for maximum benefit for all levels of student.
  • Learn to read bodies to use a combination of anatomy and consciousness to peer into the inner workings of the individual yogi’s form and unravel your understanding layer by layer.
  • Manipulate the breath for maximum effect in your specific aim.
  • Develop steadiness in meditation.
  • Master the building blocks of Tantra (Nadi, chakra, bandha, mudra, etc.) to accelerate your evolution.
  • Cultivate joy, pleasure and play in practice through exercises in acceptance, clown, dance, and AcroYoga.

More topics to expect

  • Employing the Guna - Inertia, passion, and harmony
  • Desires of the soul
  • Kosha, peeling the onion of the individual to reach every layer
  • Vital essences, maximizing your longevity and balance
  • Creating the perfect playlist for practice or teaching
  • Business skills every teacher needs
  • Developing and executing a theme
  • Sharing the art of meditation
  • Adjustments, learning about dynamics and the details
  • Unraveling the mystery of anatomy and form
  • Science of diagnosing and designing practices to meet individual needs
  • Addressing the physical, emotional, and psychic limitations of your students
  • Overcoming your obstacles to clear perception
  • Seeing each student in their own perfection

100-HOUR ADVANCEd TRAINING Prerequisites

For the group process to move forward at an advanced pace, we ask every student to come with a minimum of one completed 200-hour Teacher Training, and a minimum of 100 recorded hours of practice with a teacher. Group classes, workshops, and special events all apply. If you have any questions regarding these requirements, please ask!

This 300-hour training is an advanced program and most students will already have completed a 200-hour Teacher Training. YOU can participate in this training without having done a 200- hour training before, if you are an advanced student looking to deepen your practice. However, according to Yoga Alliance standards, you would not be able to register yourself as an RYT 500.

Your level of strength and flexibility in asana are not necessary prerequisites for this course; your interest in unraveling the ancient foundation and modern contributions of yoga are. All you need is an open mind!

Please note: Injuries or weaknesses are not obstacles to success in this program. We encourage yogis with all body types and physical challenges to consider this training. Each “limitation” is an opportunity for you to grow, to gently and methodically heal yourself, and perhaps to help others be better prepared to work with injuries or special conditions.