Thank you so much for signing up for Cultivating Abhyasa.

I look forward to Tuesday nights and our sangha check-ins, and I'll be looking forward to connecting with you more over the coming months. 

IMPORTANT!  Please fill out this brief form to complete your registration:

After filling out that form, you will receive a confirmation email from AnyMeeting. If you don't, please check your spam box and if you still don't, let me know!  They will be sending you weekly reminders and links for the meetings. 

All communication and meeting links will default to the email address you use for PayPal. If this is NOT your primary email address, please let us know!

Also Essential: The Cultivating Abhyasa group communicates with each other on the platform Slack. You will be sent an email invitation to join our Slack workspace. Please accept the invitation! This is how we share ideas, ask questions, and tell stories.

Below, you'll find a welcome letter which should fill you in on the basics.
In short: get involved! Sessions are the most fun when lots of people show up live and get engaged. Even if you can't make it live, send in questions, comments, and so on, so it continues to flow back and forth. 



Greetings and welcome to our online study group.


I consider it a great honor to share with you the priceless teachings of Yoga. Before we get started, I'd like to share with you some key information that you may need while participating in these sessions. I am very excited and happy to journey with you, even from a distance!

1) Dates and Times
We meet “live” every Tuesday from 6-7 pm, Pacific Standard Time (Los
Angeles). Please calculate the appropriate time in your own current location.

We have students in this sangha in nearly every continent, and many students in many time zones only occasionally log in for the live meetings, as they’re at work or asleep! All students will receive replay/download links within 24 hours of the meeting (7pm Wednesday), so you can watch/listen to the recording at your leisure. That said, sessions are more fun when all are live to participate.

2) Logging in AnyMeeting
We will be using “AnyMeeting” for the online study sessions. For those new
to the software, it is basically a smarter version of Skype, oriented towards
groups as opposed to one-on-one.

About an hour before each meeting you will receive an email from AnyMeeting with weblinks for you to login. You can call in with a phone, toll-free, from many countries, or log in with a computer or smartphone. Computer logins will give the most options for communication.

For your first session I suggest coming 15-20 minutes early to familiarize
yourself with the software. From then on, please come 5 minutes early to
chat with the other yogis before class!

Kindly note that due to available infrastructure as I travel, it is possible that
sometimes the connection may not be as good as one would expect (ie.
thunderstorms in Costa Rica). I hope this will not cause any problems for our
interactions, but kindly be patient. In addition, please be patient with your
fellow students as we all adjust to this new technology. Replay recordings
will always be cleaned up and available no matter what the context.

3) Preparation
There will be plenty of opportunity for questions or comments during these sessions. Your comments may be related to the topics discussed or in
regards to anything at all. Please come to each session prepared, with any
of these comments at the ready. You are always welcome to email me at with any comments, questions, or topics you’d like to see addressed.

I also encourage you all to find a quiet, private place (with wifi) to sit for
these sessions, a set of headphones, and a journal or notebook in which to
take notes.

4) The Sessions
For dependable bandwidth, most sessions will be audio only (with a few
exceptions) and hence you will be unable to connect through video. This will
require some adapting in the beginning, but I am sure everyone will get used
to it.

Also, to prevent feedback and distracting noises, when you enter the meeting AnyMeeting will automatically mute your microphone. That way other participants will only hear my voice(and probably the cats and ducks in the background :-).

That said, it is quite simple to turn your microphone ON in the AnyMeeting interface if you'd like to make a comment or ask a question. Practice this a few times before the meeting to become familiar.

When you first arrive, take a moment to discover the chat section of
Anymeeting. There you can communicate with me or other participants. If
you are on a smartphone, you will “swipe left” to find it. During the sessions,
if any participant has a question or comment, I suggest that the person types
a "!" sign or a "?" on the chat section of the Anymeeting screen
. We will
then take the question chronologically so that it’s fair and also avoids
multiple people talking at the same time.

Please get involved with the chat and session when possible, it makes the
classes much more fun and dynamic!

5) Credit
If you are a part of Warrior 1’s Advanced Teacher Training track, you are
expected to communicate weekly at a minimum, with comments on every meeting, and complete all assignments given.

6) Payment
All payments are automatic, monthly recurring payments through Paypal. If
you are doing multiple courses, you will get one invoice only for all the
courses you are doing. It would be most helpful and appreciated if you could
pay this invoice as soon as possible, and not wait for reminders. The
simplest option is usually to make sure your paypal balance has enough in it
to cover the auto-payments.

7) Questions
If there are any other questions or additional clarifications, please send them via email ( so that I can help out in any

I can't wait to see you on Tuesday nights!